More Peru trips and photos

these trip photos to Peru are my odds-n-ends

We are in a C130 Peru Airforce air craft. I took this photo.

this river runs like at 15 knots speed, very dangerous trip across I will never try. the boats do 2 times that speed, and must Aim 45degrrees or more upstream to got straight across, fun to watch but not do. Amazon river is an amazing place, to see.

stow away.

Fort Felipe.

Iris in kings shooting me in queens tower, fun !

Fix the flat and it will run?

we take these everywhere, $1 charge. or less. This one is super clean, proud owner.!

Iris posing at top of this glacier 17,700 feet, height, Pastoruri. Be sure to take oxygen tank with your or scuba tank. (or run out of breath)

Jerry the derp posing. pant pant pant

below here about 1000ft down from here are our Burro's. I take Isis down on my back. (she ran out of steam) me too almost, but ok. lots of fun here.-

decisions , and ponderments, abound.

Our beach loop drive.

Coca leave tea , sold here, yummmy.

sorry no cruise today.

The operators stage a cool and fact engine fire, fun fun fun this is ! and big laugh, they had red light special reflector to make fake flames. cool.

Going from Cusco to Machu Picchu via blue train, super fun trip. DO not forget mosquito repellent or (pants and windbreaker ) or they eat you alive. one gal there turned totally red from bites. (use mil grade protections)!!! be ready or pain is huge, lacking protections. Short and tank tops fail you.

Playing with camera sun and fog.

Roberto (Tito) loans us the chevy, 3 speed stick 6cylinders, and a blast of fun to drive down PanAmerican highway, south. Tons of fun !

Ruth and Roberto's pool at their beach house near Asia beach.

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